Who is TF3 - Tunstall Healthcare, Fold Telecare and S3 Group as partners

Kevin McSorley, Director, Fold Telecare said: "The combination of local knowledge of health, social care and housing services, coupled with large scale deployment experience made the TF3 consortium a perfect partner for RTNI."

TF3 designed a solution in response to a comprehensive, authority-led specification. Formed in 2007, TF3 is a consortium of three companies with a 30-year track record in providing patient-centric telemonitoring solutions:


Tunstall Healthcare Group - Tunstall's role is the provider of all key technology, systems, ongoing support and maintenance and is the prime contractor with overall responsibly for system delivery. For more information about Tunstall Click here

Fold Telecare - Fold's role is the point of care services including everything from the initial point of contact to installation and monitoring. For more information about Fold Click here

S3 Group - S3 Group is responsible for providing an integrated solution for RTNI that enables TF3 to deliver on the service requirements and service level agreements. For more information about S3 Click here

You can download the Programme Overview here.