Health professionals

Telemonitoring NI programme overview

We know that what people want from the delivery of modern HSC services are improved quality of life, health and wellbeing. Patients/Clients want to be supported, enabled to self-care and to live as independently as possible. They also want to be involved in decisions about them and to have some choice and control over their care and support. The services they wish to have should be integrated, flexible, proactive and responsive as well as of high quality, efficient and sustainable

In developing Telemonitoring NI, the vision of the HSC is to:

  • bring information to professionals, enabling more proactive, effective and co-ordinated community based care;
  • provide greater support for self-care and for carers;
  • part of a new way to manage increasing burden of chronic disease which is both more efficient and better quality.

Given our demographic, disease and budgetary circumstances, it is as Mary Hinds, PHA Director of Nursing and Allied Health Professions said about "...investing to build the capacity to cope".

Telemonitoring NI has been established as a scalable, mainstream, end-to-end service which adds clinical value through the provision of a 7-day clinical triage service. It has been designed to be highly flexible, able to respond to individual needs and local circumstances. The aim is that it will:

  • support the modernisation of service delivery;
  • provide more and better targeted proactive support to patients enabling them to:
    • have greater control
    • learn more about their condition
    • live more independent lives
  • bring timely information to professionals to inform patient-centred case management enabling:
    • improvements in the quality of care and quality of life for patients
    • reductions in inpatient admissions
    • optimised use to be made of staffing resources.


With increasing numbers of people presenting with more and more complex needs and extremely high expectations of the health service, we must continue to provide the highest possible standard of care. There is no doubt that remote telemonitoring is a prime example of the innovation that will be required going forward.

Eddie Rooney PHA Chief Executive